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Cell Phone Contract for Children

Screen time can be a major issue in most families. You're not alone if you feel like you're losing your kids to their phones.

Here is a good cell phone contract that you implement before you buy your child their first cell phone.

Cell Phone Contract from BestOfLifeMag.com

My cell phone belongs to my parents and I am using it as a privilege. If I violate the rules of this contract I understand the cell phone will be take away from me.

  1. I will not respond to or reply to any communication from unknown contacts.

  2. I will put my phone in the agreed upon area each evening at bedtime.

  3. I will not take my phone to school without permission.

  4. I will text or call you to check in when arriving somewhere and when leaving.

  5. I will make sure you know my password at all times and I understand you can check this phone

whenever you want.

  1. I will not use my phone during meals, either at home or while dining out, unless given


  1. I will follow the rules that my school has in place for cell phones at all times.

  2. Playing games on my phone is not a free for all and only allowed with permission or as part of

agreed upon earned screen time.

  1. I will not be on my phone when in a conversational group or family setting so I can be present

and have fun.

  1. I will not lie about what I am doing on my phone because lying breaks the trusting relationship

between us that I value.

  1. I will not share photos of myself or anyone else without permission.

  2. I will not post anything online or on any social network without permission.

  3. I will not download any apps without permission.

  4. I will not do anything mean to anyone else with my phone.

  5. If I break my phone due to carelessness, I will be responsible for paying the repair and monthly


  1. I will tell you immediately if anyone bullies me or sends scary or suspicious messages or other


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