• karenwelchtherapist

Interview Questions for Therapeutic Schools

You have probably fought hard to get a therapeutic school for your child. The next step most likely involves touring a few of the recommended schools. It's a good idea to sit down with your child and ask them what they would like to know about the school. The more you can involve your child in the process and value their opinion the better they may feel about attending the new school. During the interview process, you can even hand your child the clipboard and have them ask the questions. There might be a few questions listed that are better left to the adults in a private conversation depending on your child.

Here are some helpful questions.

1.) What is a typical day like?

2.) Are their clubs or extracurricular activities at the school?

3.) What are the most common challenges that students face at this school?

4.) How do they handle behavior issues? i.e. do they restrain kids, what does that entail?

5.) What is the school most proud of?

6.) If it's a high school, what is the percentage of kids that go on to college? Do they help kids with SAT's, college essays, etc.

7.) What kind of therapeutic support do you offer? i.e. 1 hr. of therapy a week, group therapy?"

8.) How do they handle a child that is emotionally dysregulated, unsafe? Do they call for child to be picked up? call emergency services? What is their protocol?

9.) How do they handle kids have difficulty coming into school or have missed a lot of days?

10.) What is communication like between school and home?

11.) What is their cell phone policy?

12.) What is the student/staff ratio?

13.) What is the gender ratio between male and female students?

This is certainly is not an exhaustive list. What questions would you like to add to this list?