• Karen Welch, LMHC

Corona Virus Mental Health First Aid

Isn't it interesting when we need each other the most we are asked keep social distance. I have thought about some tips to keep your sanity.

1.) Create a daily routine. Write down a schedule or put in your phone calendar.

2.) Think of creative ways to connect, whether that be through a phone call, Zoom group chat, FaceTime. You can play games online, make videos, etc.

3.) Get out everyday and enjoy nature and the sunshine.

4.) Distinguish what you can control vs. not control. Be a problem solver.

5.) Try to eat healthy and get on a good sleep schedule. It is easy let go of any structure and stay up late and binge watch shows and get up late.

6.) Minimize your news time and social media feeds. Only use sources that are credible. Set a time limit.

7.) You need to move your body and exercise even if you don't feel like it. It's so easy to feel depressed if your not moving.

8.) If you have children set up a daily routine which includes designated study and quiet times. You are not responsible to fill every minute of their day because they are "so bored !" This is a good time for them to find things to do with a little encouragement to be creative.

9.) If your feeling tense, take some deep belly breathe. Breath in through your nose and hold for four seconds and slowly exhale through your mouth.

10.) Be creative with things that don't involve the TV...puzzles, baking, reading, draw, charades, journaling, acts of service etc.

What are you doing that helps you?